How to care for your Inde-Art furniture

How to care for your Inde-Art furniture ?Since wood is a living-breathing organism, the furniture imported must adapt to our environment if not may get dry.Having  humidifiers  always helps. So does  waxing or oiling a piece of furniture.  Particularly in the winter months when the heat is on in our homes and work environments.

  • Humidity: We recommend a humidifier to keep the wood moist. If you do not wish to invest in a humidifier you can place a pot or bowl of water near the heat source so that the water can evaporate into the room where your piece is displayed. (You can make it decorative i.e. floating candles, etc.)
  • Waxing/Oiling: We srecommend waxing to help the furniture retain its moisture. We suggest a product with beeswax. You can also use good furniture oil. (Oil based – as opposed to chemical based – penetrates the wood best). Stay away from products with alcohol in them – they will actually dry out the wood.
  • Cleaning: Use a dry or slightly damp cloth . Again do not use alcohol-based products. This will kill bacteria but also can dry the furniture, and/or remove the stain or finish. Also products with a strong citrus content may bleach or lighten the colour of the furniture (i.e. lemon oil). Windex is not recommended for wood products.